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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Breast Implants for Cosplay


Some hardcore gamers like to show their love for their favorite video game character by cosplaying. But cosplay is not just like your ordinary costume party, it takes up a lot of time to fully imitate the character you’re playing. Thousands of cosplayers in the world has invested a lot of cash just to put their cosplay into perfection. Some of them has even gone further by changing different parts of their bodies such as getting breast implants.

A lot of female cosplayers gets breast implants to make them look better in their costumes. This has sparked the media and was put into controversy throughout the gaming industry. If you’re a cosplayer who wants to give breast implants a go, here are some facts that you need to know first before getting it on.

Looks “DOES” Matter

  • Being pretty is the key if you want cosplay success. If you’re not, then don’t bother doing one. It may seem harsh but this is the cold reality you’ll be facing in the world of cosplay. You may have built the perfect costume to wear, but if you don’t have the looks then you’re not going anywhere. That’s why a lot of female cosplayers has gone through body surgery just to look good in their costume, and that includes breast implants. There’s no denying getting breast implants can really improve your looks and can increase your chance of getting known in the field.

It Can Hurt Your Wallet

  • Your costume can be expensive and so is getting breast implants. If you really want to reach heights of success in the cosplay industry, you really need to splurge out cash. Cosplay is not a cheap hobby that can be done in seconds. Some cosplayers even spend months just to create their costume to perfection. And here comes breast implants, which can even cost more than the ones you spent on building your costume. But there are cheap ones out there you can get without putting your wallet into bankruptcy, but the sacrifice in quality is definitely evident.

Prepare to Be Judged

  • We’re living in a society where almost everything you do is judged, and that includes making changes to your body for the sake of cosplay. But keep in mind that you’re only doing this for passion because this is what you want. A lot of cosplayers out there became successful thanks to plastic surgery. Remember, people are perfectionists especially cosplayers. So there’s nothing wrong in doing plastic surgery to make yourself look better while rocking out that costume. Remember, getting breast implants doesn’t mean you’ll be an instant star when you wake up in the morning. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the top and you must remember that the competition is harsh along the way. If you’re planning on getting breast implants to match your favorite character you’re cosplaying, be sure to approach a reliable plastic surgeon so that everything will go smoothly.

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