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How Artificial Intelligence Paves Its Way to The Ecommerce Industry


Back then, the term “AI” has been a living nightmare for many of us. With lots of people spreading rumors that it’s going to make the human race instinct where everything is going to be ruled by AI. Fast forward to 2018, it turns out that AI is actually eCommerce-friendly, and you can take advantage of it to use for your business. A lot of store owners and business companies have used AI to improve their customer service, increase security, and make their sales soar rocket high!

To briefly explain AI, it’s a certain piece of tech that can do certain tasks faster than a human being. It also learns over time and keeps developing until it’s perfect. So what are the benefits of having “AI” to your business? Here are a few:

AI Knows Your Customers Well If You Don’t

  • There may be times where a customer approaches your store to buy a certain product, and luckily they subscribed to your email list hoping to get some recommendations for a product they’ll be interested in. But instead, your customer is bombarded with lots of email that are irrelevant or unrelated to their purchase.
  • This also happens when they visit your site for a second time, they’re probably seeing products they don’t want in front of their face. Off course you’re not a mind reader that can read what your customer actually wants. So what do you do? This is where AI comes into play!
  • AI has a built-in ability called predictive analysis which can learn what your customer wants each time they come to your store to buy something. This enables the AI to present customers with products they’ll love to look at.
  • Online stores such as Amazon, Shopee, and even Lazada has already implemented this. Have you noticed every time you visit to their site and you’ll automatically see products you’ll be interested in based on your previous purchase? This is the AI doing all the work. It helps keep your customers coming back to your store for more. AI is definitely the next big thing your business needs just in case you still don’t have one.

AI Helps You with Your Inventory Management

  • Managing your inventory is kind of a chore especially if there’s an overstock or an understock, which can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But fear no more because AI is here to save the day. Say goodbye to manual inventory management and let your AI do the work. Inventory management is going to be a piece of cake thanks to AI.
  • AI has the ability called predictive analytics which enables you to create better forecasts to avoid overstocks in the future. It also has the ability to create accurate predictions about real-time inventory needs especially for online stores to prevent selling stocks that aren’t getting much attention anymore. App development companies in India are partnering with their professional development team to implement these to their businesses.

Both of these are just a few of AI’s useful abilities that helps business to move forward and there’s still a whole lot more out there. AI makes everything easier not just your life, but also your business. So what are you waiting for? Time to put AI into play for your business and say hello to a more successful life at the eCommerce industry.

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