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Must Have Apps for Your Online Business


A myriad of apps and tools are available online that’s essential for your online business. With more and more apps appearing in the market each day, it’s hard to pick one that suits your online business needs. But you actually don’t need all these apps to be honest. If you have a lot of things running inside your business, then a few will suffice. This is where the term using less is definitely getting more comes into play.

It’s up to you what apps do you need for your business. It’s not necessary to use all of them and this will also depend on what type of business you’re running. You can try each app for yourself and see which one of these apps can benefit your business more. The good thing about these apps is they’re all compatible across your devices. So if you’re a business person that’s always on the go, you don’t need to worry about managing these apps as they are all compatible to your smartphone, tablet, and PC. So what are we waiting for? Here’s the list of must have apps for your online business needs.

  • Trello
  • This is the perfect app every business people should definitely try. It has a very user-friendly interface that even newbies can operate the app without hassle. So what does this app do? This app allows you to create a visual layout for every idea you had in mind for your business by the use of boards. You can also add cards to these boards and move them along as you complete them. The best thing about this app is you can make all your ideas into an organized manner compared to the traditional write it up on a paper or something. Boards are also categorized which saves you time by finding something on your own.

Google Drive

  • Google Drive keeps all your files into one place without any hassle. You can put almost everything inside the drive including documents, photos, spreadsheets, PPT presentations, PDFs and more. You can also create documents on the go inside the app if you don’t feel like installing Microsoft Office or something. And the best part is, everything is saved on the cloud so you don’t have to worry of your files being lost or corrupted just in case your computer crashes. Your files will also sync across your devices whether it’s a tablet, phone, or a PC as long as you have the app installed in the said devices.


  • MailChimp is an email marketing platform that’s still used by some business peoples until this day. It’s great for those people who just started business thanks to its free plan which allows you to have a list of up to 2000 people combined with features such as automation and tagging.


  • Zapier is definitely a must have app for business people who’s always on the move. This app automates everything as much as possible by connecting one app to another to perform a certain task, which is essential for people who don’t have all the time in their hands. For example, you just made a transaction on PayPal, it will automatically trigger MailChimp to send an email that’s related to that transaction you just did.


  • If you want to create beautiful graphic designs for your business but don’t have the skills, then Canva is the right app for you. It can do different graphic designs such as logos, Facebook covers, or any blog graphics you need. The best thing about Canva is it’s totally 100% free. You can use this for the meantime if you still haven’t invested on a personal graphic designer just yet. There are thousands of templates and layouts in Canva that you can use at your disposal. You’ll also get full access of all their photo editing tools such as fonts, colors, and hundreds of graphic designs and stickers to choose from.


  • Just like Zapier, this app can also automate your apps to do such task. The only difference between this and Zapier is that this app is mainly focused on automating your social media accounts. For example, you have a business page on Facebook, and a business profile on Twitter and Instagram, you can connect them together so that if you post something in one app it also gets posted on its connected apps.


  • Slack is a must have app to manage your business team/partners. It’s an all in one place where you can communicate and even hold meetings together. The app also gives you the ability to create multiple channels. For example, you have an agency, you can have a channel for marketing, and a separate channel for your admins, clients, and so on. Say goodbye to back and forth emails and say hello to a more organized place for you and your team.


  • Zoom is a video conferencing app that’s easy to access compared to the more popular Skype app. It lets you host meetings with multiple people and even lets you do webinars within the app. It has a user friendly interface where new users can find their way easily without getting lost inside the app. It also lets you record your meetings just in case you want to review them later. We’ve used many Online video applications that suffer from video freezes and blurring, but zoom seems to have this dialed in!


  • This one is useful if you use Instagram as a medium to reach your target audience. It lets you automate Instagram posts without limits compared to other social media scheduling apps. It also has built-in filters that you can use for your posts to make it more lively and consistent to your brand.

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