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Why Using Ionic Framework is Essential for App Development


These days, most of us rely on our smartphones for our everyday needs. From the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, we always have our smartphones with us. Smartphones can do so much things that make our lives easier. From streaming movies and music, online shopping, connecting with people who matters to us the most, there’s no denying that smartphones really play an important role in our lives. This level of handiness is hard to let go, and it continues to grow as technology evolves.

But developing apps for smartphones is not an instant job that can be done in just a matter of days or weeks. It takes a lot of time, dedication and a lot of planning to make the final product good enough to benefit your consumers. There are three types of smartphone OS’ where you can build apps from. We have the most popular Android OS, the rich people’s iOS, and the now irrelevant Windows Phone OS. It’s better to build apps for both Android and iOS only because Windows Phone is considered dead by now although there are still some people who use it.

There are two types of apps that you can build for smartphones: Native and Hybrid apps. Native apps are built separately for different platforms while Hybrid apps on the other hand, are built only once and then deployed to all platforms. Native apps are far more easier to build, faster, and comes with an impressive user interface. The only downside of such is that it’s slow and costly. Hybrid apps on the other hand, are faster, cheaper, but ridiculously bad in terms of UI/UX. It’s up to you which one to choose and see what your wallet can afford. You can either go for native apps or just settle with hybrid apps, or why not try both of them and see the best of both worlds?

But for now, let’s focus more on the benefits of Hybrid apps and the framework it uses. Ionic is a framework that’s available in the market that you can use to build Hybrid apps. It’s an Angular based structure which allows developers to combine different programming languages like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to build an app. So what are the advantages of such? Let’s discuss them down below.

  1. It’s Open Source
  2. The best thing about ionic app development is it’s free. No extra charges or something. Just download it right away and you’re ready to build.

  3. One Codebase for Every Platform
  4. Another advantage of building ionic apps is that it only has a single codebase. This makes it easier to build apps for multiple platforms. Compared to Native apps, where you have to build different kinds of codes for different platforms. With Hybrid apps, say goodbye to writing multiple codes and say hello to a more convenient single code writing that can benefit all platforms.

  5. User Interface
  6. We all know that Hybrid apps don’t have all those beautifully designed UI that’s present in Native apps. Having a good UI is important so that your consumers can easily navigate your app with ease. But thanks to Ionic framework, you can build Hybrid apps that looks and feels Native by using its built-in components. Ionic comes with pre-styled elements that developers can use to make their apps look Native. The best part is that these components only require a little amount of tweaking to fully integrate them in your Hybrid app.

  7. Faster Development & Testing Time
  8. Another huge advantage of Hybrid apps is that finding bugs and problems is a piece of cake, making at faster to deploy compared to Native apps. This is because it only uses one code for all platforms, so you only need to test it once. It also has a feature called “Ionic Lab” which uses a browser that developer can use and see how their app will appear in different platforms. And also, with its live-reloading feature, developers can make changes to the codebase and watch it appear real time inside the app.

  9. Cheaper
  10. And finally, the best part of Ionic Hybrid app development is its affordability. This is why a lot of businesses has taken advantage of Hybrid app development to save cash. From being open source to using only a single codebase, your money is definitely worth it when you use Ionic framework. Compared to Native app development, where you’ll be charged separately to use different codes for different platforms.

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